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Lukashenko: We will not give away our native land and sovereignty23 June 2021 Andreichenko: Unity and cohesion were key to Victory22 June 2021 Kochanova: Our mission is to pass truth about the war to descendants22 June 2021 Lukashenko presents ultrasound machine certificate to children's hospital in Minsk21 June 2021 Belarus president makes new appointments18 June 2021 Kochanova: High level of trust, respect in Belarus-China relations17 June 2021 Plans to allow Constitutional Court to check results of elections, president impeachment16 June 2021 Lukashenko: Only nationwide defense can repulse enemy16 June 2021 Andreichenko: Strong power is necessary for the country's peaceful life15 June 2021 Lukashenko inspecting defense companies in Orsha District14 June 2021